entrance pipe. Level the appliance under station exhaust hood and connect the gas line from the service gas shut-off valve to the inlet side of the gas pressure regulator using 3/4” pipe. DO NOT use a domestic type gas flexible connector. If a flexible or semi-flexible connector is used, an AGA Certified Flexible Connector with an inside dimension equal to 3/4” must be used. Always Inflatable Tent For Sale aviod sharp bends that could restrict the gas flow to the appliance. All piping must be installed in accordance with local codes, or in the absence of local codes, with the National Fuel Gas Codes: ANSI Z223.1 latest edition – NFPA No. 54. IMMEDIATELY CHECK the plumbing with a concentrated soap solution or an approved gas dector. Coat all joints associated with the gas distribution system. Bubbles indicate leaks and the appliance MUST NOT be operated until the leak is corrected. NEVER use an open flame to test for leaks. Be sure to check all gas connections with the main burner “ON” and “OFF”. Check and, if necessary, adjust the manifold pressure.

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