Do not obstruct the flow

Never enclose the bottom of the unit with a raised curb and /or any other construction that would obstruct the air flow into unit. One of the most important considerations in the installation of this unit is ventilation. A commerical gas appliance must be installed so that the products of combustion are efficiently removed. However, the kitchen ventilation system must not produce a draft that would interfere with the proper operation of the burners. The area Inflatable Obstacle Course For Sale around this and any other appliance must always be kept free and clear of combustibles such as: grease, food particles, fuel, solvents, cleaning fluids, gasoline, mops, rags, and etc. During installation, use thread compound sparingly. Always use a compound that is impervious to chemical reaction with propane gases. NEVER put any of the compound on the first two outer threads. This will minimize the possibility of the compound breaking free and clogging the pilots, burner orifices, and controls. When a commerical gas appliance is first installed, the gas pressure must be checked with a manometer by a qualified service technician. This will ensure that the existing gas facilities will deliver the BTU’s of gas required on the rating plate. WARNING – If the appliance in configured for LP Gas, never connect the equipment directly to the pressure tank. Damage will result to the appliance if the tank pressure is not properly regulated. The regulator supplied with your unit is a low pressure (1/2 PSI max.) appliance regulator. For proper pressure regulation specifications, consult your local Factory Authorized Service Agency or an LP Gas Distributor.

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