Committees: Appointment by Board of Governors, Council, and Executive Board,
Art. XII, Sec. 2( j); Sched. D, par. 5(a) Immunities of members, Art. IX, Sec. 8 Common denominator, special drawing right or other but not gold or a cur- rency, Sched. C, par. 1 Communications, official, privilege for, Art. IX, Sec. 7 Compensatory financing of export fluctuations, Art. XXX(c)(i) Compulsory withdrawal from membership, Art. XXVI, Sec. 2(c); Sched. C, par. 7, 8 Consultations: Annual, with members retaining certain exchange restrictions, Art. XIV, Sec. 3 Inflatable Toys For Sale Between members regarding existing international agreements, Art. VIII, Sec. 6 By Managing Director to ascertain if there is broad support for proposal on allocation or cancellation of special drawing rights, Art. XVIII, Sec. 4(b) Charges on delinquent repurchases, Art. V, Sec. 8(c) Currencies to be sold, selection, Art. V, Sec. 3(d) Current or capital transactions, determination, Art. XXX(d) Exchange rates of participant’s currency, Art. XIX, Sec. 7(c) Fund sale of gold for member’s currency, Art. V, Sec. 12(c); Sched. B, par. 7(b) Member without par value, Sched. C, par. 3, 9 Members’ exchange rate policies, Art. IV, Sec. 3(b)

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