Payment in special

Charges (continued) Outstanding obligation held by terminating participant, Art. XXIV,
Sec. 2(a), 3 Payable during liquidation of Special Drawing Rights Department,
Art. XXV(c); Sched. I, par. 5 Payment in special drawing rights, and in exceptional circumstances in specified members’ currencies or in member’s own currency, Art. V, Sec. 8(e); Art. XX, Sec. 5; Art. XXVII, Sec. 1(a) Rate to be equal to rate of interest in Special Drawing Rights Department, Art. XX, Sec. 3 Rates, majority required for determination, Art. V, Sec. 8(d) Rates, relationship to rate of remuneration, Art. V, Sec. 9(a) Rise at intervals during period Inflatable Tents For Sale currency balances are held, Art. V, Sec. 8(b) Service, on purchase of special drawing rights or currency of another member, Art. V, Sec. 8(a)(i) Service, on reserve tranche purchases, Art. V, Sec. 8(a)(i) Stand-by or similar arrangements, Art. V, Sec. 8(a)(ii) Clearing arrangements, furnishing of information, Art. VIII, Sec. 5(a)(xii) Collateral security, pledge, Art. V, Sec. 4 Colonies; see Territories Committee on Interpretation; see Board of Governors

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