characteristics such as navigation functionality,
perceived security, transaction cost, interactiv-
ity, customization, and website attractiveness
(Bai et al., 2008; Khare & Khare, 2010; Law &
Bai, 2008; Law et al., 2008).
Other factors Inflatable Park identified as being associated
with the online shopping experience affect-
ing consumers’ likelihood of purchasing travel
online were: service performance and repu-
tation (Kim et al., 2006), feeling confident
with online shopping (Powley et al., 2004),
perceiving it as enjoyable and entertaining
(Morosan & Jeong, 2006; Powley et al., 2004),
and being compatible with consumers’ lifestyle
(Christou & Kassianidis, 2003; Li & Buhalis,

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