use of the Fund’s

If requested, the Fund may decide to perform financial and tech- nical services, including the administration of resources contributed by members, that are consistent with the purposes of the Fund. Opera- tions involved in the performance of such financial services shall not be on the account of the Fund. Services under this subsection shall not impose any obligation on a member without its consent.
Section 3. Conditions governing use of the Fund’s general resources (a) The Fund shall adopt policies on the use of its general Inflatable Obstacle Course resources, including policies on stand-by or similar arrangements, and may adopt special policies for special balance of payments problems, that will assist members to solve their balance of payments problems in a man- ner consistent with the provisions of this Agreement and that will estab- lish adequate safeguards for the temporary use of the general resources of the Fund. (b) A member shall be entitled to purchase the currencies of other members from the Fund in exchange for an equivalent amount of its own currency subject to the following conditions: (i) the member’s use of the general resources of the Fund would be in accordance with the provisions of this Agree- ment and the policies adopted under them;

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