Fund structure

Board of Governors (continued) Number of votes of each Governor, Art. XII, Sec. 2(e) Powers, Art. XII, Sec. 2(a), (b); Sched. D, par. 6 Prescription for payment of 25 percent of increase in quota in currencies rather than special drawing rights, Art. III, Sec. 3(a) Prescription of times and terms for membership and subscription,
Art. II, Sec. 2 Provision for in Fund Inflatable Pools For Sale structure, Art. XII, Sec. 1 Quorum for meetings, Art. XII, Sec. 2(d); Art. XXI(a)(i) Representation of member whose voting rights have been suspended, Sched. L, par. 4 Rules and regulations, adoption, Art. XII, Sec. 2(g) Service pending new appointment, Art. XII, Sec. 2(a) Service without compensation, Art. XII, Sec. 2(h) Suspension of member’s right to appoint a Governor, Sched. L, par. 1(b) Temporary suspension of certain provisions, extension, Art. XXVII, Sec. 1(b) Vote without meeting, Art. XII, Sec. 2( f ); Sched. D, par. 5(a) Borrowing of currency by Fund to replenish holdings, Art. VII, Sec. 1 Buffer stocks, international, of primary products, financing of contributions to, Art. XXX(c)(ii)

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